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Bandpass Filter Bode Plot

bandpass filter bode plot

    bandpass filter
  • A band-pass filter is a device that passes frequencies within a certain range and rejects (attenuates) frequencies outside that range. An example of an analogue electronic band-pass filter is an RLC circuit (a resistor–inductor–capacitor circuit).

  • A filter that attenuates signals both below and above the desired passband.

  • An electric circuit designed to pass only middle frequencies.

    bode plot
  • A Bode plot is a graph of the transfer function of a linear, time-invariant system versus frequency, plotted with a log-frequency axis, to show the system's frequency response.

  • The magnitude of vibration at 1x shaft speed, also its phase relative to shaft position, both plotted against running speed.

  • A chart showing how an output signal differs from its input signal in magnitude and timing as a function of frequency.

Christmas Reading & So Strange It Should be Fiction

Christmas Reading & So Strange It Should be Fiction

Cover art courtesy of Bloomsbury

In August I mentioned a New York Times review of the alleged next Harry
Potter book. Whilst waiting at London City Airport on Christmas Eve to
fly home to my family I managed to pick up a soft backedcopy of
Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell by Susanna Clark which apparently is an
'airport exclusive'. Like the Potter series, this fantasy novel is
published by Bloomsbury and they have a successful product on their
hands. However the products are poles apart, Clark's work reminds me of
the intellectual rigour that you find in the Lord of the Rings as
Tolkein's background in old English literature shows through. Clarks
efforts are based on gaelic faerie tales, the Brothers Grimm,
Napoleonic history, the gentlemen of Dickensian and Kipling literature
and a love of the English language. Antique English is given a salute
with show and showed being substituted with shew and shewed

It is not a book for the faint-hearted weighing at almost 900 pages,
but is very well written and has a well paced story. It is not likely
to appeal to the Potter series younger audience but his adult fans,
they may be joined by graphic novel fans who would appreciate its
richness and depth. I think it is one of the cleverest novels since The
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen volume one and it has praise on the
back cover by Neil Gaiman, better known as the author behind the
Sandman series.

The second book that I read was The Forty Seven Ronin Story by John
Allyn. This is based on one of the most famous (and true) examples of
samurai honor and bravery. In 1702, Naganori Asano-Takuminokami was on
a ceremonial visit to the Shogun, he was insulted by a greedy and
corrupt courtier, Lord Asano struck the courtier with his sword,
violating the law, and resulting in his own order to commit ceremonial
suicide. His estates became forfeit to the Shogunate and all of his
retained samurai became ronin.

They plotted revenge and regaining their honour by killing the
courtier, 47 of the ronin bided their time, and struck back. Though
their devotion to Bushido impressed the entire nation, the Shogun had
no choice by to give them the most lenient sentence that he could -
committing ceremonial suicide.

It is a fantastic book with real depth and contextualises the culture
for a gaijin such as myself.

The Smoking Gun has alleged summary of evidence on what has been
uncovered in the Michael Jackson case here and it makes for disturbing
reading that is also strangely compelling, see for yourself here. By
their own admission this report is based on the review of documentation
provided by sources who allegedly had access to secretl police and
government reports, grand jury testimony, and sealed court records. It
may be true,or The Smoking Gun may have been hoaxed.

Gen 13

Gen 13

Suspended Animation Classic #447
Originally published July 13, 1997 (#28)
(Dates are approximate)

Gen 13
By Michael Vance

“Met Gen 13! These gen-active teenagers … were recruited into … a project secretly intended to develop superhumans. Upon discovering that the program was nothing more than a breeding ground for gen-actives, they escaped the compound … and to this day remain fugitives”.

Translations: this is another superhero team.

Last issue: Gen 13 is trapped on an alien spaceship. Having befriended a captured alien, they learn they are specimens. Experimentation on a Gen teammate causes a violent change and destructive rage. The damage to the vessel’s instruments causes an accident with another huge ship, and “the outlook is not good … “

Well, it’s not bad either. This comics title has a number of exceptional things that actually bode well for its future.

For instance, the edited introduction and last-issue summary in this issue of “Gen 13” (Topping this Suspended Animation column) are concise and needed for new readers. These are often missing from other comic books.

For instance, this issue’s story is tightly plotted and well-written, although not particularly original. It is also self-contained, albeit certainly part of a serial adventure. That is also often missing from other comic book titles.

Best of all, there is a light-hearted feeling of adventure here that ignores the angst of too many other comic books today.

Thanks for that, “Gen 13”. You’re too gen-erous.

I couldn’t resist.

However, the irritating Yoda dialog of one alien (“System severely damaged by collision, the captain says”) could easily be dumped.

Hurray! It is on the last page!!

Well boding also is the art.

Oops, now I’m Yoda!

Artist Al Rio is an ombudsman with a pseudo-realistic style that is visually easy to read, and dynamic. His uncluttered art is masterfully enhanced by its coloring, and by the unobtrusive placement of dialog balloons.

Say, not only is Gen’s outlook not “not good”, it’s downright fun!

“Gen 13” is recommended for young readers and as light entertainment for adults.

“Gen 13” #21/$1.95 and 22 pages, from Image Comics/Brandon Choi: story/available wherever comics are sold.

bandpass filter bode plot

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